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Thursday September 29, 2016

Doom's Soundtrack Now For Sale

According to the game's composer, the DOOM soundtrack is now available for $10 on Google Play and iTunes. All you try-before-you-buy types out there can hit up YouTube to hear what you are missing. I've embedded one of the videos below. You're welcome. wink


Battleborn Livestream And Reddit AMA

Gearbox Software has announced that it will be hosting a livestream on its Twitch channel that outlines the upcoming changes to Battleborn. There will also be a Reddit AMA on Friday. Do any of you even play Battleborn?

This Thursday (September 29th), we’ll be holding our next livestream on the Gearbox Software Twitch channel! A panel of Gearbox developers including Battleborn Creative Director Randy Varnell, Designer Grant Kao, and Community Manager Joe King will dig into the details of the update as well as announce its release date! Make sure to head over to the Gearbox Twitch channel and follow it so you can get notifications whenever we go live! In addition to the stream, the guys will also be participating in a Reddit AMA on Friday (September 30th) on the Battleborn subreddit at 12pm PT (3pm ET)! If you had a question that didn’t get answered during the stream, swing by and add it to the thread.


Introducing Xavier, the NVIDIA AI Supercomputer for the Future of Autonomous Transportation

At the inaugural GPU Technology Conference Europe, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang today unveiled Xavier, our all-new AI supercomputer, designed for use in self-driving cars. "This is the greatest SoC endeavor I have ever known, and we have been building chips for a very long time," Huang said to the conference’s 1,600 attendees. Xavier is a complete system-on-chip (SoC), integrating a new GPU architecture called Volta, a custom 8 core CPU architecture, and a new computer vision accelerator. The processor will deliver 20 TOPS (trillion operations per second) of performance, while consuming only 20 watts of power. As the brain of a self-driving car, Xavier is designed to be compliant with critical automotive standards, such as the ISO 26262 functional safety specification.

News Image

Packed with 7 billion transistors, and manufactured using cutting-edge 16nm FinFET process technology, a single Xavier AI processor will be able to replace today’s DRIVE PX 2 configured with dual mobile SoCs and dual discrete GPUs — at a fraction of the power consumption. Because autonomous driving is an incredibly compute-intense process, the need for an efficient AI processor is paramount. Xavier will bring self-driving car technology to automakers, tier 1 suppliers, startups and R&D organizations that are building autonomous vehicles, whether cars, trucks, shuttles or taxis.


Wednesday September 28, 2016

Spotify In Talks to Acquire SoundCloud?

If this story is to be believed, all those rumors about SoundCloud shopping around for buyers might actually be true. According to Variety's sources, Spotify is in advanced talks to buy SoundCloud.

Acquiring SoundCloud could help Spotify to bolster its own catalog and offer emerging artists an easier way onto the service. It would also help Spotify make the case for ad-supported streaming. Record labels have long pushed Spotify to move toward a purely paid model, similar to the way Apple Music operates. Apple’s service does offer listeners a three-month free trial, but cuts them off after that if they don’t open their wallets.


'No Man's Sky' Is Being Investigated For False Advertising

I wish I could say that we didn't see this coming but, we totally saw this coming. In fact, I think everyone on the planet saw this coming.

By their descriptions, the ASA is assumedly comparing the final game to its E3 2014 demo, which is also the first one that appears front and center on the game's Steam page. Among those are disparities, like UI design, flowing water and aiming systems, that are the kinds of things that change during a game's development. But others are more severe: It's clear that the released version lacks several features displayed in the press video, like animals interacting and crashing through environmental underbrush or large-scale space battles.


Google's Neural Machine Translation System: Bridging the Gap between Human and Machine Translation Google's Neural Machine Translation System

Google researchers released a paper today announcing the Google Neural Machine Translation, a complete learning system that was designed to eliminate the inherent weaknesses in traditional phrase-based systems used for machine translation.

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is an end-to-end learning approach for automated translation, with the potential to overcome many of the weaknesses of conventional phrase-based translation systems. Unfortunately, NMT systems are known to be computationally expensive both in training and in translation inference. Also, most NMT systems have difficulty with rare words. These issues have hindered NMT's use in practical deployments and services, where both accuracy and speed are essential. In this work, we present GNMT, Google's Neural Machine Translation system, which attempts to address many of these issues. Our model consists of a deep LSTM network with 8 encoder and 8 decoder layers using attention and residual connections.


EFF: HP Must Make Amends For Self-Destructing Printers

It looks like the Electronic Frontier Foundation has sent a letter to HP asking the company to reverse its recent firmware update that blocks customers from using 3rd party ink cartridges. Selling printers that use proprietary ink isn't new but updating a printer to block aftermarket cartridges after people have already bought the printer has raised the ire of many consumers.

HP customers should be able to use the ink of their choosing in their printers for the same reason that Cuisinart customers should be able to choose whose bread goes in their toasters. The practice of "tying" is rightly decried by economists and competition regulators as an invitation to monopoly pricing and reduced competition and innovation. HP customers should choose HP ink because it is the best, not because their printer won't work with a competitor's brand.


White House Introduces 'Lock Down Your Login' Campaign

The White House has teamed up with the National Cyber Security Alliance in an effort to encourage people to use stronger authentication on their various online accounts. In true government style, here is the campaign video that looks like it was made by (and for) 5th graders.


MSI RX 470 Gaming X 8GB

There is a review of the MSI RX 470 Gaming X 8GB posted today at LanOC. If you are looking for a decent card for 1080P gaming, the review crew at LanOC have no problem recommending this card.

I was able to test the 4GB RX 480 by flashing our reference cards firmware but for the RX 470, MSI was nice enough to send a card for me to check out. I haven’t had a chance to see any of MSI’s current AMD lineup so the card also gave me a chance to see what they have going as well. So today I’m going to run the RX 470 Gaming X 8GB through all of our tests, dive into its features, and find out how it compares to the rest of the AMD lineup.


Samsung Washing Machines Will Murder You With 'Impact Injuries'

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that, in addition to exploding phones, Samsung also has washing machines that will murder you too. The description "impact injuries" is pretty vague so I would definitely avoid taking one of these faulty devices on a plane, in a car or leave it plugged in overnight. wink

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is actively and cooperatively working with Samsung to address safety issues related to certain top-load washing machines made between March 2011 and April 2016. CPSC is advising consumers to only use the delicate cycle when washing bedding, water-resistant and bulky items. The lower spin speed in the delicate cycle lessens the risk of impact injuries or property damage due to the washing machine becoming dislodged.


Kim Dotcom’s Extradition Appeal Concludes

Kim Dotcom's extradition appeal has come to a close. Are we taking any bets on whether or not he gets extradited to the United States? Frankly, I'm going to say the courts will eventually rule against him and he'll have to stand trial.

After more than four weeks the extradition appeal hearings of Kim Dotcom and his former Megaupload colleagues have concluded. In his closing arguments, Dotcom's lawyer urged the court to carefully weigh the facts and give his client a "fair go," which he says the District Court failed to do. However, even if the High Court sides with the defense, the case is still far from over.


DIY Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Who needs a Roomba when you can build something like this? I know the Roomba is sexier, but why spend over $325 when you can build this out for a fraction of the price!


Gaming [H]eadlines

CoD:BlOps 3 Mod Tools Available On PC @ GameSpot

Dishonored 2 Achievement List @ Shacknews

Gears of War 4 Pre-Load Live Now @ VG24/7

Wasteland 3 Announced @ Blue's News

AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Sword Master VR

If the idea of picking a sword fight with evil knights sounds like fun to you (hell yeah!), I highly recommend checking out our AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Sword Master VR article today. This VR title is GPU and wallet friendly so there really isn't any reason not to pick this one up.

News Image

Do you want to fight the Black Knight in a sword fight? There is not exactly a "Black Knight" in Sword Master VR, but you can certainly get that feeling. In fact, you can fight him and a couple of his friends at the same time if you are up to the challenge. Just pull the sword from the stone for $10.


The City VR Experience Gameplay

A company called Amber Garage has developed a virtual reality experience called City VR that uses Google Earth maps to allow you to explore San Francisco like a giant. All they need now are destructible environments and they'd be all set. After that, they could add Godzilla, King Kong and Giant Man costumes. smile


Valve Office Tour In Virtual Reality

I think virtual reality tours like this will eventually be everywhere. It's kinda neat to be able to take a virtual tour of Valve's offices from the comfort of your own home and feel like you are actually there, wandering around their offices.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cooling: Antec H2O H1200 Pro @ OCInside

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm @ eTeknix

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm @ Play3r

ETC.: COUGAR Revenger Gaming Mouse @ FunkyKit

Motherboards: EVGA Z170 Classified K @ Legit Reviews

DIY Concrete Keyboard

I have no idea why this person decided they needed to make a concrete keyboard but, now that they have, I think I want one. I am pretty sure that this is the first concrete keyboard we have ever seen. cool

News Image News Image


Titanfall 2: Multiplayer 4K 60 FPS PC Gameplay

NVIDIA has posted some exclusive Titanfall 2 4K gameplay footage that shows the game running at 60 frames per second on a Titan X powered PC. For those of you that missed it, you can see the Titanfall 3 PC system requirements here.


Destiny 2 PC Rumors

The crew over at Blue's News rounded up all the recent Destiny 2 PC rumors and put them all in one easy to access location for your viewing pleasure. What do you think? Would you jump on the Destiny bandwagon if it came to the PC?

News Image

This started off with a post on NeoGAF saying this news was spied on laptops by a friend from Activision, and that High Moon and Vicarious Visions are involved. The rest of this comes from Kotaku, where they say this jibes with rumors they heard a few weeks ago about Bungie's plans. That article goes on to give more purported details about the unconfirmed project, and says it is coming towards the end of next year.


CORSAIR Launches DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition DDR4 Memory

CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware today announced the immediate availability of its new DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition DDR4 memory. Adding a new level of refinement and distinction to the long-standing CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM legacy, DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition is available in two exclusive new styles, mirror finish Chrome and brushed aluminum Blackout. Precision crafted in strictly limited quantities of 500 kits each of 32GB (4x8GB or 2x16GB) 3,200MHz DDR4, DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition also boasts improved integrated lighting via an illuminated light-pipe, patented DHX cooling technology and full XMP certification for one-touch overclocking.

News Image

Designed and crafted to meticulous standards, DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition is CORSAIR’s most elite memory ever, combining the classic and iconic DOMINATOR PLATINUM design with two new stunning finishes. DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition Chrome’s ultra-reflective chrome surface starts with anodized aluminum that is precision polished to a mirror finish and trimmed with sandblasted matte edging for an unprecedented display of beauty and power. In contrast, the ultra-sleek DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition Blackout is engineered from black anodized aluminum, finished with polished black edging, and hand sorted to maintain a flawless finish. Each kit is individually numbered using high precision laser engraving, guaranteeing exclusivity.


NVIDIA and TomTom Develop Mapping System for Self-Driving Cars

NVIDIA and TomTom, the Dutch mapping and navigation group, today announced they are partnering to develop artificial intelligence to create a cloud-to-car mapping system for self-driving cars. The work combines TomTom's extensive HD map coverage, which already spans more than 120,000 km of highways and freeways, with the NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 computing platform. Together, the solution accelerates support for real-time in-vehicle localization and mapping for driving on the highway. NVIDIA co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced the collaboration at the company's inaugural GTC Europe, a regional version of its annual GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley, now in its seventh year. "Self-driving cars require a highly accurate HD mapping system that can generate an always up-to-date HD map in the cloud," said Rob Csongor, vice president and general manager of Automotive at NVIDIA. "DRIVE PX 2 for AutoCruise provides TomTom with a real-time, in-vehicle source for HD map updates."


AMD Embedded Processors Selected by IGT for New "CrystalCurve ULTRA" Gaming Machine

AMD today announced that its AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9260 GPU has been selected by International Game Technology PLC, the global leader in gaming, for its new "CrystalCurve ULTRA™" gaming cabinet to drive dual 4K monitors at native resolutions, which will be a first in the casino gaming industry. The AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9260 GPU is the industry’s first discrete embedded graphics cards leveraging the new AMD Polaris architecture.

Optimized for use in high-end systems spanning casino and arcade gaming, medical imaging, and conventional military and aerospace applications, AMD high-performance embedded GPUs enable stunning, immersive visual experiences while supporting efficient thermal design power (TDP) profiles. The AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9260 GPU leverages an optimized 14nm FinFET process to deliver greatly improved performance per watt vs. previous generations of AMD embedded GPUs. Providing up to 2.5 TFLOPS performance in a sub-50W TDP board power profile, the GPUs also offer advanced 4K encode/decode multimedia processing capabilities and multi-display configurability.


The 2016 McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities List

Female comedian superstar Amy Schumer knocked electronic dance music (EDM) DJ Armin van Buuren off of the list to become the most dangerous celebrity to search for online, according to Intel Security. Now in its 10th year, the McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities™ study, published by Intel Security, researched a broad list of well-known figures including actors, comedians, musicians, TV hosts, athletes and more. This research uncovers which celebrities generate the most dangerous search results that could expose fans to viruses and malware while searching for the latest information on today’s pop culture icons.


Tuesday September 27, 2016

Facebook Tells Judge It Takes Terroristic Threats Seriously

Smooth move Facebook. Nothing like pissing off a U.S. District Court Judge by sending a junior lawyer to address the courts about a lawsuit filed by the victims of attacks they claim were incited by terrorists using Facebook as a platform. I'll bet they won't make that mistake again. eek!

Lawyers for Facebook Inc on Tuesday sought to assure a U.S. judge overseeing lawsuits by victims of militant attacks in the Middle East that it took a "zero tolerance" approach to any communications that may promote terrorist threats or activity. The comments came after U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis in Brooklyn on Thursday accused Facebook's law firm of insulting the court by sending just a junior attorney to address him in lawsuits implicating violent attacks on Israelis.


Amazon Could Start Dropping Off Packages Inside Your Home

By a show of hands, how many of you would go for something like this? What if the delivery guy damages your vehicle? Accidentally doesn't shut the door all the way? Let's one of you animal escape when he opens the door? Hmmm, it just seems to me that a lot could go wrong when you have access to someone's home.

Here's how the process would work, according to August: When you check out a purchase from Amazon store, you can opt for an in-home delivery -- allowing the courier one-time access to your home via an August-locked door or Garageio-controlled garage. During delivery, the courier would use the access key via the appropriate app and leave your package safely inside.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Raijintek Aeneas mATX @ techPowerUP!

Contest: Sumo Air Lounge Chair Giveaway @ ThinkComputers

ETC.: Zalman ZM-K900M Gaming Keyboard @ BmR

Storage: Drobo 5N 5-Bay NAS @ eTeknix

SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD @ HotHardware

Artificial Intelligence Reads Mammograms With 99% Accuracy

Remember that article that said robots will be taking all our good jobs? Well, it looks like it has begun. The Terminator doing mammograms makes me think of this image.

A team has developed artificial intelligence software that analyzes mammograms for breast cancer with 99 percent accuracy. This could help keep women from undergoing unnecessary biopsies, and would shield them from the agony of false positives.


Why Young Men Would Rather Play Video Games Than Get A Job

Hmmm, let's see...given the choice, you can work your ass off all day or you can lounge around the house on the sofa and play video games. Boy that's a real tough choice right there. It's a mystery to me why any young guy would rather play video games than work. roll eyes (sarcastic)

This is Danny Izquierdo, "a 22-year-old who lives with his parents in Silver Spring, Md.", as the Chicago Tribune reports (their photo, too). Izquierdo, the Tribune writes, is part of a trend: Young men who are opting out of the job market because it’s more emotionally fulfilling to play video games. It’s not that they couldn’t find a job. It’s that they don’t want to. Games are a better mode of living.


Elon Musk Explains The SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

SpaceX Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer Elon Musk discussed his plans for a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars and the technical challenges that need to be solved in order to support a long-term presence on the red planet. The folks at Engadget covered the live event and have broken down all the info into easy to digest morsels.

Musk estimated that, using traditional methods, it would cost $10 billion per person to travel to Mars, and he wants that figure to drop to roughly $200,000 per person. Eventually, the cost of a Mars move will be below $100,000, Musk said. A large part of lowering that cost is creating spaceships with reusable parts, Musk said. The ITS' in-orbit refueling stage is crucial to SpaceX's plans, since it lowers fuel expenditures at liftoff and features fully reusable boosters, tankers and ships. Each booster can be used 1,000 times; each tanker 100 times and each ship 12 times.


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