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  1. [H]ard|OCP Gold Award  

    MSI Z270 Krait Gaming LGA 1151 Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   May 12, 2017

    While it is generally the flagship motherboards that grab the most attention, it's the midrange offerings that see the most sales. MSI's Z270 Krait Gaming motherboard is one of those bread and butter type offerings. It has everything the gamer needs without the unnecessary and expensive fluff.

  2. [H]ard|OCP Gold Award  

    MSI Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   April 27, 2017

    MSI’s Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium is a feature packed powerhouse that’s got everything you need to take your game to the next level. The MSI Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium is easily one of the most robust solutions for overclocking. If you want a feature rich solution that can deliver the goods on the overclocking front, check this one out.

  3. [H]ard|OCP Silver Award  

    GIGABYTE AORUS AX370-Gaming 5 Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   April 20, 2017

    At long last we've finally got a full retail AM4 motherboard on hand to put through its paces. GIGABYTE's AX370-Gaming 5 is probably one of the best bets on an AM4 system right now. Unfortunately, that path will have a few bumps in the road. We fill in all the gaps and let you know what to look for.

  4. [H]ard|OCP Gold Award  

    ASUS ROG Strix Z270i Gaming Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   March 15, 2017

    ASUS brings big gaming power in a tiny package with its latest mini-ITX motherboard: The ROG Strix Z270i Gaming motherboard. We’ve been huge fans of these mini-ITX powerhouses over the years. ASUS has arguably dominated this market with few options coming close to challenging that position. Can ASUS maintain its mITX dominance?

  5. [H]ard|OCP Gold Award  

    GIGABYTE Aorus Z270X Gaming 9 Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   February 28, 2017

    GIGABYTE’s Z270X Gaming 9 is one of the most feature rich and ultra-high end offerings you’ll see for the Z270 chipset this year. We were super fond of last year’s similar offering and as a result, the Z270X Gaming 9 has very large shoes to fill. With its massive feature set and overclocking prowess, it is poised to be one of the best motherboards of the year.

  6. [H]ard|OCP Gold Award  

    ASUS Maximus IX Formula LGA 1151 Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   February 06, 2017

    ASUS is nothing like Hollywood. ASUS can actually turn out sequels which not only match the originals, but surpass them. ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus IX Formula is another sequel in the long line of Maximus motherboards. Can ASUS continue its long history of awesome sequels? One things for certain, it’s no Robocop 3.

  7. [H]ard|OCP Silver Award  

    MSI Z270 Gaming M7 LGA 1151 Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   January 23, 2017

    MSI’s Z270 Gaming M7 is based on the somewhat uninteresting Z270 Express chipset but never fear, MSI’s latest generation of motherboards brings a few new features to the table, building on the stability, quality, and innovation the brand is known for. Great sound configuration, plenty of M.2 SSD support, and overclocking should draw you in.

  8. [H]ard|OCP Silver Award  

    GIGABYTE Z270X Gaming 7 LGA 1151 Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   January 03, 2017

    GIGABYTE’s Z270X based offerings feel like slightly modified clones of the Z170X line. But hey there are tons of pretty lights on these! In all seriousness, the Z270 chipset based offerings are far more of an evolution than a revolution. That said, GIGABYTE has made improvements that are certainly worth checking out.

  9. [H]ard|OCP Silver Award  

    GIGABYTE X99 Phoenix SLI Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   September 14, 2016

    GIGABYTE’s X99 Phoenix SLI is another entry into the G1 Gaming lineup. While there is little to nothing that’s truly unique about the feature set, the combination of features and unique aesthetics are hard to argue with. The X99 Phoenix SLI offers good features and stellar looks at a reasonable price point.

  10. [H]ard|OCP Gold Award  

    GIGABYTE Z170X Designare LGA1151 Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   August 29, 2016

    GIGABYTE has continually impressed us with its offerings as of late. GIGABYTE’s Z170X Designare is poised to continue that trend and add another motherboard to the budding Designare legacy. We are still not fully sure of what exactly "Designare" actually is, but at this point, we see it as GIGABYTE building a solid new brand.

  11. [H]ard|OCP Gold Award  

    ASUS Rampage V Extreme 10 Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   August 17, 2016

    ASUS celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Republic of Gamers brand in style with the new Rampage V Extreme 10! To properly commemorate its decade of innovation, this motherboard needs to be nothing short of the best motherboard ASUS has ever built and a worthy successor to the Rampage name.



    By Daniel Dobrowolski   August 10, 2016

    MSI’s X99A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM is a mouthful, but the XPOWER series has been a favorite of ours here at HardOCP for years now. The latest X99 iteration has much to prove. Is the X99A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM another pretty face, or is it a fitting addition to the venerable XPOWER line?