Sunday March 10, 2019

"Uncharted" Creative Director: AAA Development "Just Doesn't Feel Sustainable"

Video game director and script writer Amy Hennig, who recently earned a Lifetime Achievement Award for hits such as Soul Reaver 2 and the Uncharted franchise, believes the industry’s shift to outsourcing will be inevitable due to recent lapses in big-budget development, such as massive layoffs. Financial benefits aside, she also suggests the transition to the film industry and video effects model could be beneficial for creativity’s sake, as smaller teams should brew less conflict.

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Hennig looks to the TV and film industries as a model that makes some sense, as it relies less on in-house production and more on heavy use of external contractors. "Obviously that would require a big sea change in the industry -- probably towards unionization, too -- but you would have a lot more external partners or freelance developers as part of a team, do more things as distributed development rather than have everything in-house," Hennig says. "It would allow for a lot more flexibility rather than feeling that constant pressure, that churn of salaries.