Friday March 08, 2019

Battlefield V Battle Royale Footage Leaks Online

We haven't heard much about Battlefield V's "Firestorm" battle royale mode, but footage of the new mode has allegedly leaked online. The leak comes straight from EA's own website, and appears to be a tutorial for the game's mechanics. At the time of this writing, the video was still up, but I took the liberty of grabbing it, cleaning it up, and re-uploading it to YouTube just in case EA takes the original video down:

Among other things, the video suggests there will be solo, duo, and squad modes, and players will supposedly start the game by dropping in from the sky, just like other major battle royale titles. Weapons will come in 3 different "rarity" tiers, and ammo will be shareable among your squadmates. The narrator calls firestorm an "even playing field," and mentions that there will be no class-specific benefits.