Monday March 04, 2019

AMD Showcases Ryzen V1000 and EPYC 3000 at Embedded World 2019

At Embedded World 2019, AMD unveiled its expanded partner embedded product lines based on its AMD Ryzen V1000 and EPYC 3000 platforms. Embedded GPUs and the SMACH Z handheld gaming console that can be upgraded like a desktop PC were highlights of the event. Advantech announced a partnership between Advantech, AMD, and Mentor, a Siemens business, to make AI technology more accessible and easier to implement. They declared AI technology will take embedded systems to the next level with higher efficiency and smarter systems designed to improve people's lives. The PC Games Hardware interview is in English after the first minute.

Chalk this one up to I did not know that AMD had embedded GPUs, but the segment makes sense. TUL is the manufacturer of the three GPUs based on AMD for the embedded market. These seem to be mostly targeted at multi-output embedded products for features like support for between four and six monitors.