Sunday March 03, 2019

THQ Nordic Apologizes for Hosting AMA on 8chan

On Tuesday, THQ Nordic decided to host an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on 8chan, an imageboard website said to be notorious for racism, hate speech, and child pornography. Naturally, it didn’t turn out well, as the Darksiders III publisher was quickly criticized by both fans and the gaming media for associating with that crowd. "We got approached in a very friendly and polite manner and were assured, said person (shoutout to Mark) will take care of the nasty stuff."

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Mark, whoever he is, did not take care of the nasty stuff. The ensuing AMA contained pornographic imagery, Hitler references and memes, copious questions about loli, racial slurs, and so much more. There were also more standard questions about THQ Nordic’s future plans, which PR and marketing director Philipp Brock replied to. In one case, a user said, "Please don’t censor any games nor appeal to the SocJus crowd, you guys are doing fine as is," to which Brock replied, "Thanks! We’ll try to stay that way."