Saturday March 02, 2019

Old BioWare Has Become "A Distant Memory"

Despite lead producer Michael Gamble’s claim the studio isn’t shutting down and continues to get "great support," concerns about BioWare’s future appear to be growing following Anthem’s negative reception. USgamer and PC Gamer have both published articles reminiscing over the developer’s legendary past and how it could recapture its former glory, but while both agree the studio should simply return to the basics (i.e., making single-player RPGs), their current obligations to huge blockbusters means they may never get that chance. Anthem's physical sales were only half of Mass Effect Andromeda's, according to UK charts.

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...the success of Mass Effect feels more and more like a poisoned chalice. It propelled BioWare to undreamed of success, but it also robbed it of its soul. It's hard to imagine it ever returning to the heights of Baldur's Gate 2, when BioWare was an independent PC developer catering to a limited but ferociously loyal audience. Anthem is the natural endpoint of a process that began more than a decade ago, when BioWare decided its traditional approach was incompatible with large-scale success.