Saturday March 02, 2019

George Lucas Is Reportedly Fixing Luke Skywalker for "Star Wars: Episode IX"

Desperation may be running high over at Disney and Lucasfilm: new rumors claim Episode IX director J.J. Abrams is working with the Star Wars godfather himself, George Lucas, to fix the narrative mess left by "The Last Jedi" and "course correct" the franchise. Lucas has supposedly been "involved in numerous sequences to fine tune some of the legacy characters," guiding Abrams on how Luke Skywalker should be done. "He will also be involved in some of the reshoots."

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Abrams has been open about his intentions to include as many nods to the Prequel and Original Trilogies. Now, though, it seems he will also work closely with the man who created it all to bring the entire saga home in a way that will please all the fans, especially concerning the role of Luke. Many fans were displeased that Luke appeared to have abandoned hope, ignored his responsibilities to the galaxy AND tried to kill his nephew in his sleep in The Last Jedi.