Saturday March 02, 2019

"Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

A driver in South Florida died this week after losing control of his Tesla. "Davie police spokeswoman Vivian Gallinal says the car hit some palm trees and burst into flames [in the] Sunday afternoon crash." Witnesses claim they couldn’t get the driver out because of the vehicle’s door handles not opening and air bags not deflating: "the car doors and bags trapped the driver and kept us from getting to him before the car was taken over by fire. It was like the fire had an accelerant." There was another tragic incident yesterday in which a Model 3 had its roof sheared off as it went under a tractor trailer. "Autopilot not yet ruled out."

It’s a tragic accident. When it comes to the fire. Crash any car into a tree and it has a good chance of catching on fire. Electric or not. Tesla or not. What is more worrying is the situation with the door handles and the airbags. I can understand why they wouldn’t present themselves if the vehicle has been badly damaged, but someone should still be able to break a window to get in. As for the airbags, I definitely can see how it would be more difficult to get to the driver if they wouldn’t deflate, but I’m not sure it would completely prevent someone to get around.