Friday March 01, 2019

YouTube TV and Hulu Are Outperforming the Competition

According to a report from Bloomberg, industry insiders say YouTube TV and Hulu are outperforming the competition in the live online TV services industry. Hulu's subscription total has nearly eclipsed the 2 million mark and YouTube TV has already broken the 1 million mark in subscribers. Both services are adding hundreds of thousands of customers each quarter. People are flocking to the services for "skinny bundles" which offer a narrow lineup of channels. Many consumers see this as a viable alternative to cable TV's hundreds of channels and high bills. Other similar services such as DirecTV Now are losing subscribers. "Sling is offering a 40 percent discount to attract new subscribers."

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Hulu and YouTube represent a rare bit of good news for TV. They may be benefiting from a superior user experience compared with Sling or DirecTV Now, according to Alan Wolk, co-founder of the media consultancy TVRev. "They've done a better job of branding," Wolk said. "The interfaces are slick and modern looking, Hulu in particular.'" It also helps that neither YouTube nor Hulu is a cable or satellite company, which routinely rank among the least admired by U.S. consumers.