Wednesday February 27, 2019

FedEx Unveils Delivery Robots

FedEx just unveiled a robot designed to make "last mile" deliveries without a (human) driver. SameDay Bot, as they call it, features a set of pivoting wheels that allow it to climb shallow stairs, traverse rough sidewalks, and move at speeds of up to 10 miles an hour, according to Reuters' report. FedEx says its working with partners like Walmart, Pizza Hut, AutoZone and Target to determine if "autonomous delivery to them is a viable option for fast, cheap deliveries." This robot can't throw your packages like a FedEx delivery man can, but don't worry, researchers are working on that too.

FedEx is teaming up with DEKA Development & Research Corp, whose founder Dean Kamen invented the Segway stand-up scooter and iBot stair-climbing wheelchair, for its project. The delivery company said the robots could become part of its SameDay service that operates in 1,900 cities around the world... The project must win approval in test cities, including the shipper's hometown of Memphis, and the first deliveries will be between FedEx office stores.