Tuesday February 26, 2019

PubG Corporation Patches Vulnerabilities and Arrests Hackers

While Fortnite is the current king of the hill in the PC gaming world, and Apex Legends is one of the hottest new releases, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still immensely popular. The game regularly has hundreds of thousands of concurrent players on Steam alone, and according to a recent post, PubG Corporation is addressing one of the most common criticisms of the game. The Steam post details just how cheat programs tend to infiltrate the game, and outlines what the company intends to do about it. On top of using BattlEye and Uncheater simultaneously, they say they've "applied a machine learning technique that analyzes our players' usage patterns and have built a system that can detect abnormal game patterns or actions that interrupt the normal operations of the game coming from hack users." In addition, PubG is attempting to address vulnerabilities in Steam itself, and in cooperation with local authorities, they've made at least 252 arrests in China and Korea in 2018 alone. While I doubt PubG Corporation will ever catch everyone, it really does seem like they're moving heaven and Earth in their attempt to fight cheaters.

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We currently have over 100 people monitoring the places that sell these hacks (websites, messengers, discord etc.) all over the world 24/7. Various communities that exchange information on hack programs are also being monitored closely so any elements that threaten PUBG's security can be detected and dealt with as quickly as possible. The end goal is to ramp up preemptive action so these hackers are no longer active within the game. We also recently added a system message that sends real-time alerts to players in a game if someone from the same session is banned. Whenever an abnormal gameplay pattern is detected in real-time or a user is proven to be a hacker mid game, that account will be banned as the game is still going on and announced to all other players in the kill feed.