Monday February 25, 2019

New MicroSD Standard Comes with PCIe and NVMe

The SD Association just announced (PDF Warning) a new microSD standard that should dramatically speed up the flash memory cards. MicroSD Express, as they call it, uses a single lane of PCIe 3.1 and the NVMe 1.3 protocol to hit transfer speeds of up to 985MB/s. While your average consumer NVMe SSD eats far more power than a MicroSD card, the organization claims that the new cards will consume less energy than their predecessors, and promises full backwards compatibility with older interfaces. If all this sounds familiar, that's because the SD Association association introduced the SD Express format last year, adding support for massive storage capacities in the process, and even reused part of thier old promotional video for the MicroSD Express Launch. Thanks to Techcrunch for spotting the report.

NVMe can have a dedicated command queue in the DRAM for every CPU core while in other commonly used embedded or removable cards (ie UFS, eMMC and SD) there is a bottle neck of single available queue supported by the host controller interface.