Monday February 25, 2019

Microsoft Has State of Decay Running on PC Using Xbox Assets

Microsoft is getting serious about bridging the gap between the PC and Xbox ecosystems. According to a report from Brad Sams at Thurrott, Windows Insider build 18334 introduced "new technology to Windows 10" and offered "State of Decay for free." Nazmus S Khandaker offered this tweet where he disclosed that the packages used the .xvc format which is native to the Xbox. Not only that, the download servers for the game are using the Xbox servers instead of the Microsoft Store server. This will certainly make creating games between the Xbox and PC ecosystems much easier and cost effective. Remember 66% of developers are developing on the PC while only 28% said they are working on a Xbox One title.

On the surface, what it looks like Microsoft is doing is collapsing any differences between PC and Xbox gaming to make it the same experience on both devices. The company is in the process of making the delivery mechanisms based on the Xbox infrastructure, appears to be making it possible to run Xbox games on the PC, and replacing the existing Store PC games infrastructure on that of what Xbox has built. And this isn't some half baked port to the Windows ecosystem either. Much like the Xbox does, this updated mechanism supports delivery optimization too.