Sunday February 24, 2019

Denuvo 5.6, Used in Metro Exodus, Has Been Cracked in Five Days

The latest version of Denuvo didn’t last long: hackers have managed to crack version 5.6 in five days, opening recent releases such as Metro Exodus and Far Cry New Dawn to pirates. Gamers are calling on Deep Silver/4A Games and Ubisoft to remove the anti-tamper tech, as it is obsolete and may potentially reduce performance. Hackers have also managed to crack Microsoft’s UWP protection for Crackdown 3.

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It will be interesting to see whether this crack will impact the game’s sales and whether gamers will download the pirated version in order to immaturely show Deep Silver their displeasure over the Steam/Epic Store controversy. As always, we strongly suggest supporting the developers for their hard work. If you are not interested in a game, there is no point at all downloading a pirated version of it!