Saturday February 23, 2019

Taiwanese FPG "Devotion" Review Bombed by Chinese for Cursing Mainlanders to "Die"

Taiwan-based Red Candle Games’ first-person horror title "Devotion" is the latest title targeted by review bombers, but some argue it is well deserved, as the developer offended its neighboring giant in what was marketed as a patriotic, cultural title: a flood of Chinese gamers have taken to Steam to bash the game after a variety of insults were discovered, which allegedly include all mainlanders being cursed to die and decorations mocking President Xi Jinping. Some believe this could escalate to not only Devotion being banned in China, but Steam itself.

It’s a matter of utmost importance for Chinese players and the entire Chinese gaming community in general. Upon skimming through dozens of the recent reviews, we found one thing that was in common. If the concerned authority of the People’s Republic of China finds out about the discussed controversy, not just will they ban the game, but there’s a possibility they’ll ban Steam entirely. In a country where games are constantly banned, modified and restricted to users due to several cultural and ideological conflicts, a reference like Devotion’s could turn disastrous.