Tuesday February 19, 2019

PC World Bulgaria Uploads a 1660 TI Unboxing Video

Earlier today, PC World Bulgaria appears to have accidentally uploaded an unboxing video of an MSI GeForce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X. The video has already been taken down, pclab.pl, OC3D, and TechPowerUp all managed to grab some screenshots of the video while it was still up, more or less confirming the existence of the technically unannounced Turing GPU. Among other things, the new GPU appears to lack any noticeable RTX branding, and the cooler on this particular card seems to resemble the TwinFrozr 7 on MSI's RTX lineup. HardOCP still believes that the 1660 TI is launching on the 22nd with a MSRP around $279,

News Image

Looking at the card directly, we can clearly see that this new MSI graphics card is a Geforce GTX series part, lacking any RTX branding, confirming Nvidia's move away from the RTX brand name in their lower-end products. On the box, we can also see that RTX features such as ray tracing and DLSS are excluded, instead referencing Turing Shaders, backing up the rumours that the GTX 1660 Ti will lack both RT cores and Tensor cores. On the GPU's boxart, we can also see that MSI's Geforce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X features plenty of RGB lighting locations and utilises an 8-pin PCIe cable for power. The major difference between this cooler and its RTX 2060 counterpart is the lack of Geforce RTX branding on the side of the cooler, which instead says Geforce GTX. The Twin Frozr 7 cooler design appears to be the same as MSI's RTX 2060 Gaming X model. On the topic of display outputs, MSI's GTX 1660 Ti offers three DisplayPort 1.4 connections and a single HDMI 2.0b connection. This GPU lacks support for VirtualLink and DVI-D.