Sunday February 17, 2019

No Link between Violent Video Games and Increased Aggression in Teens, Study Finds

In one of the most "definitive" studies to date, Oxford University has concluded that while video games can provoke "angry feelings or reactions," there was "no correlation found between playing video games and aggressive behaviour in teenagers." Lead researcher and professor Andrew Przybylski accuses previous studies of using cherry-picked results to fabricate a "moral panic" surrounding video games.

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...the "idea that violent video games drive real-world aggression is a popular one, but it hasn't tested very well over time". According to the university, this study is set apart from previous work by preregistration, where researchers publish their hypothesis, methods and analysis technique before beginning research. "Part of the problem in technology research is that there are many ways to analyse the same data, which will produce different results," said Przybylski.