Sunday February 17, 2019

"Forgettable, Repetitive": Early Reviews Aren't Kind on Anthem

Game journalists who are knee-deep in Anthem ahead of Friday’s official release have been giving out early impressions over the weekend, but unfortunately for BioWare, much of the reception seems negative. PC Gamer called the story "forgettable" and gameplay "repetitive," the latter of which has been echoed by other reviewers: Giant Bomb claims there is at least one portion of the campaign that forces players to "spend hours completing in-game challenges" before they can progress. There is also a "Quickplay" bug that lets brand-new players skip straight to the final boss fight.

Unlike Dragon Age and Mass Effect, which both have clever twists on familiar genres and establish emotional stakes early in the story, Anthem doesn't create that same sense of purpose or understanding. So even though I'm trying to immerse myself in this world by reading all the bits of lore and conversing with every character I can, the whole thing feels superfluous. And while Anthem's combat is a lot of fun in the moment-to-moment action, the actual mission objectives are boring and repetitive.