Monday February 11, 2019

SuperMicro Wants to Re-Enter the Gaming Motherboard Market

SuperMicro is a huge name in the server motherboard business, and there was a time when they were a go-to manufacturer of consumer and enthusiast motherboards. While the company technically still has a "gaming" lineup that stretches to the Z390 generation, SuperMicro's boards are relatively uncommon here in the US. But the company invited KitGuru to their headquarters in California, and said they intend to change that. Among other things, SuperMicro wantss to be on the bleeding edge of the transition to DDR4 and PCI-e Gen 4, and already have plans to bring on more staff as they enter more markets . While the company's consumer-facing lineup is currently Intel only, the company was quick to point out they were first to market with AMD's EPYC platform, though they stopped short of confirming future AM4 based offerings. Check out the interview below.

Asked if SuperMicro could reclaim its former glories in the gaming/desktop space, Vik explained that they had created market leading products for High Performance Computing (HPC), OEM solutions and InfraStructure as a Service - so he was extremely confident about the consumer market. He told us that in 2016 SuperMicro was thinking about the market and planning. In 2017 they started to bring new products to market and in 2018 they managed to set a new world record for performance. "In 2019, we will put the peddle to the metal," said Vik. "Setting the record itself showed that 'we are here,' but it doesn't mean anything unless we bring the right product to the customer. We're here to make an impact."