Monday February 11, 2019

More 1660 TI Pictures Emerge as Launch Nears

As the 1660 TI's launch nears, more pictures of the unreleased GPU are leaking onto the internet. One Reddit user posted what appears to be a Galax GeForce 1660 TI, while Videocardz uploaded a picture of a Palit GTX 1660 TI StormX. An anonymous source told us that the card will launch on the 15th for around $279 back in January, but noted that the information "is likely in flux now and changing day to day" at the time. More recent rumors (which we haven't confirmed yet) suggest the card will launch on the 22nd.

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Palit is preparing two models of StormX series. Both cards are equipped with TU116 GPU and 1536 CUDA cores. The GTX models from Palit feature 6GB of GDDR6 memory. The StormX OC variant features a clock speed of 1815 MHz, while the non-OC variant is set to default 1770 MHz.