Saturday February 09, 2019

"Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

Google-owned GPS navigation app Waze allows suspicious drivers to mark and expose the location of police DUI/DWI checkpoints on a map, but the feature has ticked the NYPD off, prompting the agency to send a cease-and-desist to the search giant demanding it axe the feature. Big Apple police are warning users of "engaging in criminal conduct since such actions could be intentional attempts to prevent and/or impair the administration of the DWI laws and other relevant criminal and traffic laws."

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"The posting of such information for public consumption is irresponsible since it only serves to aid impaired and intoxicated drivers to evade checkpoints and encourage reckless driving. Revealing the location of checkpoints puts those drivers, their passengers, and the general public at risk." Mothers Against Drunk Driving chief Helen Witty told The New York Times, though, that sobriety checkpoints are typically publicized in advance of the roadblock, but they still serve their purpose. Drunk drivers that go through checkpoints might be too confused to be aware of what's happening anyway -- they are intoxicated, after all.