Friday February 08, 2019

Adobe Considers Using Custom ARM Chips

A report by Ina Fried on Axios claims that Adobe threw out the idea of powering their software with custom ARM CPUs at an "internal innovation conference" on Tuesday. Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis posed the question "Do we need to become an ARM licensee? I don't have the answer, but it is something we are going to have to pay attention to." He also reiterated the importance of AI in the company's future software, and called for "100 new machine learning models on its Sensei platform by the end of the year." Thanks to Bit-Tech for spotting the report.

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"ARM does afford a model for a software company to package its technology much closer to silicon," he said, adding Adobe could do that without literally making its own chips, including by partnering with an existing chipmaker... Parasnis said it will be ARM-based chips that deliver those gains, not Intel, whose processors power all of today's Macs and most Windows PCs. At the conference he showed a logo that said "ARM Inside," a play on the Intel Inside logo that adorned computers for years. "I believe we are firmly entering a world of ARM inside every device," he said.