Wednesday February 06, 2019

Mercury Research Says AMD Made Gains in the x86 Market

AMD claims they've been making significant gains in x86 market share, but a recent report from Mercury Research attaches some hard numbers to those claims. Their Q4 2018 report says that AMD grabbed 3.2% of the lucrative x86 server market in Q4 2018, which is a massive jump from the 1.6% share the previous quarter and the 0.8% share the previous year. Meanwhile, their desktop market share grew to 15.8%, the highest it's been since Q4 2014, while their notebook marketshare grew to 12.1%, up from 6.9% a year ago.

As a reminder, Ryzen desktop processors launched in March 2017. First gen EPYC processors launched in June that same year, while AMD's Raven Ridge APUs started shipping in laptops in October. Overall, it looks like the Zen architecture has steadily been clawing back x86 marketshare that AMD lost in recent years, and with the imminent launch of their 7nm products, the company seems to think that upwards trajectory will only continue.

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A note about server share. Mercury Research captures all x86 server class processors in their server unit estimate, regardless of device (server, network or storage), whereas the estimated 1P and 2P TAM provided by IDC only includes traditional servers. We used IDC's server forecast of the 1P and 2P server TAM of roughly 5M units to compute our server market share estimates. We believe that in Q4 2018 we achieved ~5% unit share of the 1P and 2P server market addressed by our EPYC processors (as defined by IDC).