Monday February 04, 2019

NVIDIA DLSS Boosts Performance by up to 50% in the Port Royal Benchmark

NVIDIA has released a new video that demonstrates the power of its DLSS technology. In the Port Royal benchmark, NVIDIA DLSS boosts performance by up top 50%. While both images are ray traced in the demo, the DLSS image is clearly brighter, clearer and sharper. Deep learning makes this possible as it improves transparent surfaces, anti-aliasing, and more.

3DMark's latest benchmark test, called Port Royal, moves users through an environment featuring real-time ray-traced reflections and shadows, to test the performance of GeForce RTX GPUs and their RT Cores, the tech that makes real-time ray tracing a reality. DLSS has now been added to Port Royal, enabling GeForce RTX users to see and measure the performance and image quality benefits of this game-changing technology.