Friday February 01, 2019

ANYmal Can Deliver Packages Now

ANYbotics' ANYmal robotic is a surprisingly flexible contraption. Researcher have already taught it to dance, put it to work inspecting power facilities, and even taught it how to teach itself to walk and run. Now Continental and other companies see ANYmal as a platform for "last yard" delivery. Theoretically, and autonomous vehicle can get a package to your home, while ANYmal can walk out of the vehicle, unload it, and drop it off at your doorstep. Thanks to IEEE Spectrum for spotting the clip, which you can see below:

Due to an increase in global e-commerce and urbanization, the need for automated delivery is growing. Continental envisions a holistic delivery concept that increases availability, efficiency, and safety in the parcel delivery value chain. Solving the last-meter/last-yard delivery, a driver-less vehicle, such as Continental's CUbE shuttle, carries multiple mobile robots to deploy packages all the way to the consumer. Making use of ANYmal's high mobility and autonomy, the system can carry packages of up to 10 kg over steps and stairs up to the front door.