Thursday January 31, 2019

Intel Teases Discrete Graphics Plans on Twitter

The "@IntelGraphics" Twitter account just posted another video, and this time, it features Intel graphics lead Raja Koduri and Intel's now-permanent CEO Bob Swan. The video is an advertisement for graphics engineers more than anything, as Intel appears to be aggressively looking for talent to add to their Core and Visual Computing Group, but in that vein, it does give a glimpse into the progress Intel is making on their discrete GPU. Raja Koduri calls Intel's Graphics Portfolio "incredible" at the transistor, firmware, and software levels, and he says these "lego blocks" are essential for building an end product that performs a particular function well. He also claims he wants to make photorealistic long distance communication and game universes "the size of our universe" a reality.

News Image

Bob Swan is similarly optimistic, as he intends for Intel's discrete graphics to be "the leading computer architecture for the future." Given the state of Intel's current IGPs, they're a long way from achieving that goal, but Intel's high-level executives seem very committed to pushing their discrete graphics effort forward. Thanks to Hexus for spotting the tweet.