Monday January 28, 2019

TSMC Nanke 14 Factory Production Interruption Could Affect NVIDIA and Others

According to reports, the TSMC Nanke 14 Factory has experienced a production shutdown after substandard chemicals used in the manufacturing process ruined tens of thousands of wafers. These defects in the silicon wafers are not able to be detected until after the production run. Companies affected include industry heavyweights such as NVIDIA, MediaTek, Huawei Hisilicon, and some ARM server processors. The 16/12nm process is one of TSMC's main sources of revenue. TSMC does not know the financial impact of the loss at this time, but it is expected to be extremely high due to the advanced technology that uses these chips such as NVIDIA GPUs.

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More detailed information said that the wafer contamination incident occurred at the Fab 14 fab of Nanke Technology Park. This fab was also one of the affected factories in the virus incident last year. Wafer manufacturing is a very demanding process that requires the use of a wide variety of chemical materials and requires high purity. This accident stems from the fact that imported chemical materials do not meet the requirements, resulting in flaws in the wafers produced.