Monday January 28, 2019

Intel Core i9-9900KF Listed at U.S. Retailers

Twitter user and dataminer momomo_us just spotted an Intel Core i9-9900KF listed at B&H Photo and Video, and a quick search on Google shows that NextWarehouse and NeutronUSA have the processor up for sale too. Unfortunately, B&H has the i9-9900KF priced at $582.50, which is significantly higher than the ~$530 street price regular 9900Ks are going for right now. For reference, Intel has a "Recommend Customer Price" of $499 on the i9-9900KF's ARK page.

News Image

Meanwhile, the Intel Core i7-9700KF is up for sale at $452.50, and the 9600KF is listed at $308.75, which is significantly higher than the street prices for the 9700K and 9600K. One can hope that the prices come down as other listings go up, but right now, Intel's IGP-less desktop processors are significantly more expensive than their fully-enabled counterparts.