Sunday January 27, 2019

Tesla Supercharger Sabotaged: The Latest in a Series of Weird Anti-Tesla Incidents

The Tesla hate seems to be ramping up: at least one owner in Utah has provided evidence that Superchargers are being vandalized. Mark Larsen, who owns a Tesla Model 3, has shared photos of one damaged unit that had its cable partially cut and plugs destroyed via drilling. "Hope the security cameras recorded the assholes." This could just be an isolated incident, but Electrek claims this is not the first time it’s happened.

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Come on now, this is going crazy. The pickup truck drivers and now this? At a time when a bunch of high-powered charging stations are being shut down because of a safety issue with a cable supplier, we now also have to worry about people sabotaging charging stations? Older folks will remember in the early 2000s when a self-proclaimed group of anti-fossil fuel "activists" torched a Hummer truck and burned a Hummer dealer. It got national attention and the FBI even called them a "top domestic terror threat."