Sunday January 27, 2019

Chinese App Identifies "Deadbeat Debtors" in Area, Encourages Users to Report Them

A court in China has released an app through the WeChat platform that exposes "deadbeat debtors" within a 500-meter range, revealing their name, national ID number, and why they were added to the debtor list. The Higher People's Court of Hebei designed the program in the hopes that Chinese citizens would snitch on one another. "It's a part of our measures to enforce our rulings and create a socially credible environment," said a spokesman of the court.

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News of the app has caused quite a bit of controversy after it was originally reported by the state-run China Daily. It is an extension to China's existing "social credit" system which scores people based on how they act in public. It's no secret that China keeps a very close watch on its citizens, but this new public shaming approach takes it one step further. The app is available through the WeChat platform, which has become immensely popular in China.