Saturday January 26, 2019

Anthem Demo a "Clusterf*ck": Connection Errors, Loading Issues, and More

Demos are supposed to sell a game, but Anthem’s "VIP" demo may have done the very opposite due to myriad issues ranging from overloaded servers keeping players out to permanent loading screens. While EA did what it could to resolve problems last night, some problems reportedly persist, which include loading issues ("95% loading, and then stopping"), as well as gamers unable to get past the title screen and Javelins not unlocking. According to DSOG, EA and BioWare claimed the demo would be representative of the final product.

Now if this is the day-1 experience that BioWare and EA are promising for Anthem, then count us out. It makes little sense to buy the game at launch day and we may suggest Anthem fans to wait a month (yes, a month) until all of the game’s connection issues have been resolved (or until there aren’t a lot of gamers playing it). Again, this isn’t a beta but a demo and EA and BioWare had more than enough time to fix the game’s connection issues (it doesn’t even have a queue line) and were fully aware of the amount of keys that would be available for this VIP demo.