Saturday January 19, 2019

Microsoft Wants to Know How It Can Improve Windows 10 PC Gaming

Gamers who aren’t happy with Windows 10 now have a channel to vent their frustrations: Microsoft has launched a new "Xbox Ideas" UserVoice page, which will allow visitors to submit and vote on potential ideas for improving PC gaming on Windows 10. Some of the ideas that have been posted so far include a version of Windows that is specifically designed for gaming, and having the OS automatically disable unnecessary background processes while a title is running.

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Team Xbox would love to hear how you’d like to see gaming on Windows improved. How can Windows 10 enhance your gaming experience? What features would you like added or changed to make gaming on Windows 10 even better? Create suggestions, vote for suggestions, and leave comments below! *What do you want Windows to do (or stop doing) while you’re playing a game? *What can Windows do to optimize your gaming experience? *What other gaming features would you like to see?