Saturday January 19, 2019

IBM HR Made Me Lie to US Government, Says Axed VP in Age-Discrimination Legal Row

IBM's former vice president in its Global Engagement Office, Catherine Rodgers, has filed new documents supporting a class-action lawsuit alleging Big Blue discriminates against older workers. Rodgers, who says she was terminated for "raising concerns" regarding the firing of post-50 staff, claims in her affidavit "her superiors directed her to hide information about staff leaving from the US Department of Labor."

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The lawsuit, Rusis et al v. IBM, was filed in September 2018. Along with similar age discrimination claims brought against IBM in California and Texas, it followed a March 2018 report from ProPublica and Mother Jones that said the global IT biz over the past few years engaged in a systematic campaign to get rid of older workers. According to the expose, about 60 per cent of the 20,000 people laid off over a five year period were over 40.