Thursday January 17, 2019

Rumor Suggests AMD Could Launch Navi at E3

CES is barely over, and AMD already has the Radeon VII GPU set for release soon, but the Navi rumor mill is already starting to spin up. An anonymous source allegedly told Red Gaming Tech that AMD will launch the Navi GPU architecture at E3 2019.

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Well, according to a source Navi will not be announced until around E3 2019 (which takes place in June). The card(s) will then launch about a month later (I don't have an exact date). According to the source, AMD said that the GPU is looking good (at least the general feeling of the company is confident). For the performance targets - I can't give specifics, as I don't have exact numbers (I wish I did). But I can tell you that according to the source, the company is targeting the "low to mid-range" which, as you can imagine is a pretty wide net.

This coincides with previous Navi rumors, as well as Mark Papermaster's claim that AMD will refresh their GPU lineup in 2019. However, the launch window is more specific than anything I've seen in previous rumors. As with all GPU rumors, this info has to be taken with a grain of salt, but Red Gaming Tech mentions that this same source confirmed previous rumors that turned out to be true. We'll see if this one pans out soon enough.