Wednesday January 16, 2019

Intel Changed Its Spirit in 2018

Intel certainly faced some issues these past few years. Their 10nm process has been plagued with delays, their CEO is MIA, their other processes aren't keeping up with demand, and Spectre/Meltdown have created serious security concerns. But WCCFTech points out that the company has reinvented its public face this past year. Instead of being secretive and uncommunicative, Intel is now one of the most active companies on social media. More specifically, WCCF pointed out how Intel officials are giving quick and solid responses to serious questions on Twitter, and Intel laid out a promising roadmap at CES. Whether they follow up on those promises is another story, but this more communicative "neo-Intel" can only be a good thing.

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For the first time ever, Intel had conceded that AMD's Ryzen was competition. I had not expected Intel to even acknowledge AMD's Ryzen - as has been their modus operandi for a while now - but IAD actually contained a slide showing an AMD processor beating out Intel's on a singular benchmark (cinebench) while the next slide showed why Intel still offered superior value in tens of other scenarios thanks to its architecture. In the same breath, Intel unveiled its brand new next-generation architecture that would mark the first step of its new vision: Sunny Cove... Raja's innovation comes packaged with a more down to earth approach to interaction with consumers. I have very rarely seen high ranking executives of any public company openly discussing plans and answering queries of the public on any social media - but this is the new norm for Intel and something all other semiconductors (and public companies) can take cues from.