Tuesday January 15, 2019

Nvidia CEO Claims GTX 10 Series Cards Have Almost Sold Out

Jensen Huang dumped a lot of information in his Q&A session with the press, and Game Debate spotted another interesting bit in the lengthy session. Nvidia's CEO claims that their higher end Pascal gaming GPUs are either sold out or almost sold out. As far as I can tell, reasonably priced GTX 1080 TIs have disappeared from the US Amazon and Newegg storefronts, and while there are still some 1080s, 1070 TIs, 1070s, and 1060s in stock, that might not be the case for long. VentureBeat posted a full transcript of the event, including the comment about Pascal stock.

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Question: Can you tell us more about your problem with excess inventory and how that will be resolved? Huang: It's completely a crypto hangover issue. Remember, we basically shipped no new GPU in the market, to the channel, for one quarter. But the amount of excess inventory and market demand, channel velocity - you just have inventory divided by velocity, and that's time. We said that it would take one to two quarters for all the channel inventory to sell out. 1080Ti has sold out. 1080 has sold out. 1070 has sold out. 1070Ti has sold out. In several more weeks 1060s will sell out. Then we can go back to business.