Tuesday January 15, 2019

New FAA Drone Regulations Could Pave the Way for Deliveries

New Atlas reports that a updated set of regulations proposed by the FAA could make commercial drone delivery systems more viable. Among other things, the new rules would allow drones to fly over people "under certain conditions" or fly at night without obtaining a waiver. Drones would be split into three separate categories based on weight, the exposure of props, and the maximum kinetic energy of a crash, that would dictate their suitability to flying over crowds. The FAA notes that "These amendments would allow expanded small UAS operations and reduce the knowledge testing burden on remote pilot in command certificate holders."

But not all drones owners choose to follow regulations, as evidenced by the recent airport shutdowns in the UK. So, in related news, Alphabet is reportedly working on a remote identification system for drones. Several companies used Project Wing drones to demonstrate their systems, and the The Drone Girl posted an video of one of the competitors. Check out the video below:

Here's the idea behind InterUSS: Your drone is connected to software from one of the three Remote ID service providers (ie. Kittyhawk or AirMap). When a concerned citizen or key stakeholder sees a drone nearby, they can pull up an app that interfaces with the InterUSS platform. That person is able to see who's operating near them and a brief summary of what they're doing regardless if they're Wing or an operator using Kittyhawk or AirMap.