Monday January 14, 2019

Skyrim Together Is an 8-Player CO-OP Mod for Skyrim

The Skyrim Together mod team says that it is ready to release its client for beta testing purposes. Skyrim Together is a mod that allows up to 8 players to adventure together in the Skyrim world. Bethesda blocked the developers from releasing the mod onto Steam. The Skyrim Together mod team is finally ready for their patreon backers to test the closed beta trial. According to PC Gamer, the servers are currently located in Europe, but this may change in the future according to demand.

The closed beta period will be used to test stability and make fixes, and won't last long according to the mod's developers, with an open beta available to everyone following a week or two later. The mod, when released, will feature its own launcher (Bethesda objected to the release of the mod on Steam). The current cap is set at eight players max, though it's possible this may change in the future.