Monday January 14, 2019

Robot Learns to Throw a Ball

Scientists from the "Robots That Dream" project are teaching a 2 armed robot called "Baxter" to throw a tennis ball, and it looks like it's getting pretty good at it. As opposed to using static calculations, this robot supposedly "learns" from the shots it doesn't make, and uses that information to correct later throws. It doesn't appear to be throwing balls at pitching speeds yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Thanks to Spectrum for spotting the video. Check out Baxter below:

DREAM is a robotic project that incorporates sleep and dream-like processes within cognitive architecture. This enables an individual robot or groups of robots to consolidate their experience into more useful and generic formats, thus improving their future ability to learn and adapt. DREAM relies on Evolutionary Neurodynamic ensemble methods as a unifying principle for discovery, optimization, re-structuring and consolidation of knowledge. This new paradigm will make the robot more autonomous in its acquisition, organization and use of knowledge and skills just as long as they comply with the satisfaction of pre-established basic motivations.