Monday January 14, 2019

Battlefield V RTX CPU Performance Revisited

Back when HardOCP published our Battlefield V ray tracing reviews, we got some criticism for using a 7700k in the GPU tests. Some claimed that the CPU was ultimately the bottleneck in the benchmarks, and that a CPU with more threads would change the results. Following up on those claims with a 9700K wasn't enough to dissuade some critics, so we retested Battlefield V's DXR performance on Intel's fastest CPU to date, the 8 core/16 thread Core i9 9900K. Check out the review here.

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After our 9700K testing, we got a bit more criticism, telling us that since the 9700K is still "only" an 8-core / 8-thread processor, and not the 12-threads that is recommended by EA, that our results were being hindered, again, by the CPU. While it is a fair criticism, we did not think this was an issue, but again, we wanted to know if we were being CPU-limited in our testing. At that point we shipped Brent our i9-9900K (8C/16T) for testing. Since the 9900K is a 16-thread processor, we should finally be able to put all the scuttlebutt to bed.