Friday January 11, 2019

Fallout 76 Players Glitched Their Way Into a Developer Room

Eurogamer says that some enterprising Fallout 76 players managed to glitch their way into a "developer room" with high tier and unreleased items. While the exploit is just now going public, Eurogamer's sources say that the exploit has been circulating around Discord servers for several weeks. Check out a video of the glitch below, while it's still up:

As the article mentioned, glitching into "dev rooms" in Bethesda RPGs without modding or using the console is nothing new. Among other things, I fondly remember exploiting the Frostcraig Spire glitch in Oblivion, which involved moving into the DLC-added Magicians tower and then deleting the DLC from your console/Xbox 360. As far as I know, the Oblivion glitch remains unpatched to this day. Exploits like this were relatively harmless in Bethesda's singleplayer RPGs, and exploring/cataloging them was almost a hobby, but the devs are apparently taking a different approach to such exploits in Fallout 76. To be honest, I'm a little surprised they include a "developer room" in public builds of Fallout 76 in the first place, as cells were easy to delete in previous games.

Yet if you're hoping to explore the room for yourself, you may want to think twice before attempting the procedure. Several sources told me Bethesda is now issuing automatic account suspensions for those who enter the room. Players are reportedly being informed of the bans via email, and take anywhere from six to 24 hours to be issued. (Eurogamer has contacted Bethesda for confirmation as to whether it is suspending accounts for entering the developer room.) Despite it now being seemingly risky to retrieve items from the room, some of my sources claimed players are using mule accounts to take the items before quickly transferring them to other accounts before the banhammer comes crashing down (one source told me these items are being traded in a Russian-language trading Discord). Apparently accounts belonging to players who enter the room are being banned, but those to which the items are transferred remain unscathed.