Tuesday January 08, 2019

Nissan Previews the Future of AR Driving at CES

Nissan gave spectators a glimpse of the future of driving at CES this year. While they've been talking up several concepts as part of their Intelligent mobility roadmap, like an electric racecar, improved internal combustion engines, and advanced vehicle communication technology, they're also showing off some interesting AR concept at their CES display. With their "Invisible-to-Visible" technology, Nissan wants to clear up difficult viewing conditions, show optimal routes, find parking spots, and display other pertinent data in 3D with AR headsets. You can check out Nissan's flashy promo video on their YouTube channel, which features an virtual anime character materializing in the car with the driver, among other things, but I prefer The Wheel Networks's less flashy take on the exhibit itself. Check it out below:

At CES 2019, Nissan demonstrated the future of driving to CES visitors through an interactive, three-dimensional immersion experience at Nissan's display. Invisible-to-Visible, or I2V, is a future technology that helps drivers "see the invisible" by merging both real and virtual worlds, creating the ultimate connected-car experience.

EDIT: 1/8/2019: Changed the video to the original uploader.