Tuesday January 08, 2019

Hyundai Announces a Crawling Car at CES

At CES this year, Hyundai made a surprising appearance with "Project Elevate". Each wheel on the "car," if that's what you want to call it, is attached to an electric motor mounted in the hub, which itself is attached to a robotic "leg" that has 5 degrees of freedom. The concept can apparently use the legs to crawl out of ditches, up stairs, or over terrain you couldn't even walk over. Hyundai is primarily pitching the full size Elevate as an emergency response vehicle, but The Wheel Network also took a video of the smaller "Cradle" concept Hyundai had on display at the show. Thanks to cageymaru for the tip. Check out the Elevate video below:

Welcome to Project Elevate - an exploration of mobility and innovation that goes beyond the range of wheels. This prototype comes from our Hyundai CRADLE, a hub for corporate venturing and innovation business, which takes on the responsibility for securing Hyundai's vision of a cleaner, more integrated answer to transportation.