Monday January 07, 2019

LG Bends Big OLEDs at CES

Samsung isn't the only one showing off plus-sized TVs at CES this year. New Atlas reports that LG showed off an 88-inch 8K OLED with tech to project 3.2.2 Dolby Atmos sound from the panel itself, though I'm not sure such a system would compare favorably to real surround-sound setups. They also showed off a 65", 4K "Crystal Motion OLED" that they claim has the word's fastest Motion Picture Response time at 3.5ms. Unlike last year, they're apparently bringing AI-enhanced 8K OLEDs to the market, which you can see in their live stream below:

Visitors to CES 2019 will also be treated to an arty OLED flower made up of four 65 inch UHD OLED displays that have had their edges curled inward, as a demonstration of the flexibility of OLED displays and the kind of thing LG Display can achieve without compromising picture quality. Other developments on show include an 86 inch electronic whiteboard with embedded touch technology for "greater touch precision, clearer picture quality and a slimmer design." A show window comprising four 55 inch transparent OLED panels is being used to showcase OLED's commercial potential, with its 40 percent transparency making it a good fit for retail store window displays.