Sunday January 06, 2019

NVIDIA's Next-Gen 7nm Ampere GPUs Rumored for 2020

Japanese communications company Mynavi published a piece on New Year’s Day stating NVIDIA has chosen Samsung’s 7nm EUV process for its next-generation GPUs, which will reportedly be based on the "Ampere" architecture. According to the given timelines for sampling, successors to the Turing-based RTX cards could very well be released in 2020. TweakTown notes that AMD will beat NVIDIA with the world’s first 7nm GPU, however; the site claims Navi will launch this summer.

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NVIDIA will reportedly be using Samsung's new 7nm extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) process that uses a plasma laser to drive silicon material into 7nm transistor structures. AMD will have the world's first GPU on 7nm beating NVIDIA to the punch, with its upcoming Navi GPU launching in July 2019 according to our sources. NVIDIA's new GPU architecture on 7nm should end up being Ampere, which will succeed the current Turing GPU architecture inside of the new RTX-powered cards.