Tuesday January 01, 2019

Utah Could be the First State With a Digital Privacy Law

Fox 13 in Salt Lake City reports that Craig Hall, a member of Utah's house of representatives, introduced a "Electronic Information or Data Privacy" bill that could be the first of its kind in the nation. Among other things, the bill would extend some legal protections physical items are given to the virtual world. There's quite a bit of text on restrictions and procedures for warrants related to electronic devices and cloud data, and the bill also says that "an individual who transmits electronic information or data to a remote computing service is presumed to be the owner of the electronic information or data," which contradicts the terms of use for many such "remote computing services." Thanks to pogowasright.org for the tip. Check out the video report below:

Representatives for Facebook and Google did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment because of the New Year's holiday. Lobbyists for the companies on Utah's Capitol Hill told FOX 13 they were watching the bill with interest. Elizabeth Converse, the director of operations for the Utah Technology Council, a trade group of tech companies, said they were also watching the bill.