Tuesday January 01, 2019

Throwing Some Cold Water on Mobile GTX 1160 Rumors

Several media outlets recently reported that Lenovo "confirmed" the mobile Nvidia GTX 1160 via a listing on the support page for the Y530. Lenovo seems to have stripped out any mention of the 1160 since then, adding even more fuel to the fire. However, what all those sites failed to mention or realize is that the "GTX1160" was on that product page in June ;ast year.

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We reported that Lenovo was (incorrectly) calling Nvidia's next gen graphics cards the "11 series" around that same time, and the "1180" they mentioned turned out to be part of the RTX 2000 series. While that doesn't definitively debunk the mobile GTX 1160 rumor, and says nothing about the alleged desktop variants, I think the "GTX 1160" listed on Lenovo's site is probably an old placeholder instead of a new leak.