Monday December 31, 2018

Epic Games to Launch an App Store to Compete with Google and Apple

According to the Wall Street Journal, Epic Games is working on an mobile app store to compete with the Google Play app store for Android users in 2019. As a consequence of competing with Google, Epic Games will also be competing with Apple and its App Store for iOS. The Epic Games app store will take a 12% cut of revenue generated from sales compared to the 30% cut that Google and Apple take. The first phase of the Epic Games store went live for the PC and Mac earlier this month. The U.S. Supreme Court is already looking at the fee structure and the monopoly that Apple has created with its App Store.

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Epic says it will start selling games for Android devices sometime next year. It already distributes "Fortnite" this way, bypassing Google's Play store. No such move is possible within Apple's ecosystem, as the company retains tight control over the apps that can be distributed to its devices. But Ben Schachter of Macquarie Capital believes that if Google reduces its own take on apps in response to competition, Apple would be pressured to follow.