Sunday December 30, 2018

Truck Owners Are Blocking Tesla Superchargers in "ICE-ing" Protests

Tesla owners throughout the country claim they’re being harassed by truck drivers who are evidently threatened by the advent and growing popularity of electric travel: in what is being dubbed "ICE-ing" (an acronym for "internal combustion engine"), owners of large, gas-dependent vehicles are going out of their way to piss Tesla drivers off by blocking Supercharger parking spots.

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Tesla drivers are reporting a spate of "ICE-ing" by large trucks at Superchargers across the country. In one instance, Reddit user Leicina said a group of trucks blocked all of the charging spots while chanting "F Tesla" before being asked to leave by an employee of the store. Another Tesla owner in Bristol, Tennessee spotted a Dodge Ram truck blocking a charging spot, with the charging cable mockingly attached to the bed.